We have a vision

Build one of the largest eco-friendly crypto farms.

We have space

6400 m2 of space ready to host miner rigs.

We have energy

13.5 MW of green (Solar, Wind and Bio-gas) energy ready to use.

The details below was about  the orginal idea. Several changes since July, please read our  Journal section to follow updates

Our idea

  • Collect funds through XENM token sale
  • Buy new miners every 10th of the month
  • Install and power up the new miners
  • Distribuite dividends ever 15th of the month
Gross Revenue
  • 5%  to VRTM token holders

SCO details

Net Profit
  • 70%  to XENM token holders
  • 25%  re-invested in new miners holders
  • 5% as reserve fund
token sale - monthly airdrop (35% each 10th)
  • 10% to VRTM holders
  • 7%  to referrals
  • 15% to the team(*)
  • 3% as company reserve(*)

(*) not qualified for dividends the first year