September Update - 1

Dear Investors,

Cryptomining has been tough since the major dumps in prices and hikes in difficulty since March this year.
Constant change and development into mining are always needed.  

We paid out the very first dividends on the 15th of August with the payouts below, We are currently looking at 23 FPGAs and 50 RX580s. With more FPGAs to come each week. We expect Xenium to lead us into a more efficient form of mining and provide us the edge to continued expansions as well as fatter dividends.
Most recently, we will also be creating more awareness about Veritium & Xenium through a marketing program. We would share with our community about how to create awareness and make Vertium & Xenium well known and reflect its true value in its prices.

Xenium's increase of its sale price would be depending on how much expansion we intend to go into. With current difficulty rates, we stand at 70/30 dividends/expansion policy. However, we feel that a slight change is needed to keep the cogs of our mining machinery in the forefront. We would be changing our ratio to 60/40 for dividends/expansion starting from October. September would stay the same at 70/30. Do note that if prices are keeping up with difficulty, we would be switching back to 70/30.

*UPDATED 7th September* After calculations and basis on FPGAs we decided that we would be sticking to 70/30 for October as well. If we do decide to make a change in terms of ratio. We would hold a consensus prior to changing it.

Thank you all for your time and support!

Let's keep the faith and keep grinding out more profits.

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