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December Update

We have decided that we would be shifting away from xenium airdrops in veritium holders and shifting that into 12% revenues into veritium for expansions. 100% of the 12% revenues would go into expansion for veritium....

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November update

Dear Investors,following expansion rates, we have decided that we would be increasing Xenium's token price to 15 cents on the 10th of December 2018 12noon UTC+7 (5am UTC).

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October Update

Dear Investors, after calculations, We have decided that Xenium would increase to 10cents each (+43% ,+100% since begin) New price wil be applied from 10th November 2018, 12noon UTC+7. Thank you very much...

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September Update - 2

Dear Investors,Thank you for the support and faith in us.I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our community for their inputs no matter good or bad. I have learned very much from leading...

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September Update - 1

Dear Investors,Cryptomining has been tough since the major dumps in prices and hikes in difficulty since March this year.Constant change and development into mining are always needed.  We paid out the very first...

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