Crypto mining farm

This site is made by a Xenium Investor, to collect data from Veritasmining Reports and keep track of all changes




The first coin offering that distributes dividends during the fund-raising period.
You buy XENM token and we will buy with your funds new miners within 30 days

  • New miners every month
  • Dividends every month
  • Miners hosted by  Veritas Mining company
  • 50% of net profit re-invested
  • 50% of net profit distribuited
  • We use Solar, Wind & Bio-Gas energy sources

High flexibility

Coin mining profitability changes very often. Our  team, analyze the efficiency of our hardware and the difficulty index of the cryptocurrencies mined. With your funds, we buy every month new hardware (GPU, FPGA, ASICS) to get the best performance in terms of profits.

May 2019



0.00000607 ETH x 1 XENM

Net Profit : 176.115 ETH

Paid Out (50%):88.05825 ETH

Reinvestiment(50%): 88.05825 ETH

Conversation rate ETC/ETH = 0.0238 ETH
17th May ETH/USD = 232.55$
(@ payout time ETH/USD etherscan value)

Mining Profit

Mined Cryptocurrencies

11497.159 ETC
(273.6324 ETH)

Mining Costs

Mining Costs

64.68 ETH
(Total costs)

40.51/64.68 ETH
(energy costs)

Veritium Costs

(12% of mining income)

1379.66 ETC
(32.836 ETH)

Net Profit

dividends & reinvestment

7400 ETC
(176.1165 ETH)

Our miners

  • AMD RX 580 : 50
  • Custom FPGA :455